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Incentive Trips

Incentive Trips are proven methods of motivation in the corporate world. Who doesn’t love a holiday – and when it is paid for and arranged by the employer, without loss of pay – as a reward for excellent performance, it is all the sweeter.

Incentive Trips serve a dual purpose – they reward the employee while giving them a much required break to re energize and rejuvenate – resulting in the employees returning to work ready to stride towards their next milestone with a fresh mind.

The end result is higher productivity, which has a direct effect on your bottom line!

Spice Creations in conjunction with Jetways Travels, its parent company, has the necessary infrastructure, airline contracts and hospitality network to arrange unique incentive trips for your employees at fair rates. While Jetways arranges for the hotel stay, airfare, ground transport and related logistics, the event management team from Spice Creations arranges for special events to make the incentive trip a highly memorable experience.

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